OS Max 3820/960



60A brushless ESC, Propeller & Supporting System



Rated Voltage: 11.1
Rated Current: 40A
Maximum Current (10 sec): 80A
No Load Current: 1.7A
Phase Resistance: 26.7 miliohms
Maximum Efficiency: 80%
kV: 960
Turns: 12
Poles: 14
Shaft Diameter: 0.20″ (5mm)
Shaft Length: 0.45″ (11.5mm)
Weight: 5.64oz (160g)
Lead Wire Length: 3.5″ (90mm)
Lead Wire Gauge: 17AWG
Length of Motor Can: 1.7″ (43.3mm)
Diameter of Motor Can: 1.47″ (37.5mm)
Length/rear of Motor Can to Prop Washer: 2.3″ (58mm)
Prop Washer Diameter: 0.87″ (22mm)
Thickness of Motor Mount: 0.12″ (3mm)
Width of Motor Mount: 1.96″ (50mm)
Height of Motor Mount: 1.96″ (50mm)

Performance for this motor with different props and LiPo cells is as
follows (all data with 60A ESC):
Prop Size Current LiPo Cells Wattage Thrust RPM
11×5.5E 31A 3S 391W 1.9kg 10,100
11x7E 37A 3S 466W 2.1kg 9,750
11×8.5E 44A 3S 554W 2.1kg 9,350
11x10E 49A 3S 617W 2.0kg 9,100
11×4.7SF 44A 3S 554W 2.2kg 9,400
11x7SF 59A 3S 743W 2.7kg 8,540
12x6E 40A 3S 504W 2.4kg 9,650
12x6SF 66A 3S 832W 2.4kg 8,280
12x8E 49A 3S 617W 2.5kg 9,170
12x10E 66A 3S 832W 2.0kg 8,050
13×6.5E 50A 3S 630W 2.8kg 9,040
13x8E 56A 3S 706W 2.9kg 8,730
13x10E 65A 3S 819W 2.7kg 8,120
14x7E 61A 3S 769W 3.1kg 8,520
14x10E 75A 3S 945W 2.9kg 7,600


Nomenclature is defined as follows:
0MA means 0.S. airplane motor
First two digits are the rotor diameter
Second two digits are the length of the magnets
Last digits indicate the kV of the motor


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